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8 East Main St. Waynesboro, Pa


Studio Update

In-person classes resume in April. Contact Heather Rose or Kristin now to reserve your place.


Heather Rose is now accepting new massage clients. We are scheduling for April appointments. Call or message, leave your name and number. I will contact you to schedule.

In-person Yoga Instruction

 Kristin Friedman of Asthanga Yoga Waynesboro will be hosting In-person Vinyasa at the studio, Thursday at 6pm. Masks are mandatory at all times by everyone. Class size is limited to 6 students and pre-registration is required. Contact Kristin for sign-up and information. 717-830-7590 or ashtangayogaboro.com. This class is a Vinyasa flow infused with Ashtanga sequences. It is a great introduction to Ashtanga and will help you to build a stronger practice. 

New Class

Gentle Reflections

Hosted by Kristin of Ashtanga Yoga Waynesboro. Thursday 7:15pm-8:00pm. Donation based-pay what you can. Enjoy slow mindful movement-stretches, joint mobility, and breathing techniques with prayer, scripture, and closing with a time of stillness.


Heather Rose will resume Kripalu Yoga classes in April. Class size is limited to four clients, preregistration is required, and masks are mandatory.

Online Yoga

On-line classes will continue until further notice. Classes post Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Classes will combine Yoga philosophy, a goal pose, and instruction on anatomical structure.  Monthly subscriptions are $50. Contact Heather Rose with any questions.

Our mission is to continue to provide Yoga and Massage to the local community in a safe, healthy environment. This includes proper instruction to build strength, flexibility, as well as the ability to respond rather than react to all life offers. During this pandemic we will continue to support your practice. Jai Bhagwan

For more information refer to this article:

Teaching Yoga in the Age of COVID-19

Moon Day

Starting in March of 2020 Heather Rose Yoga and Massage, LLC

will be closed in observance of Moon Days.

What are Moon days and why do they matter? Moon days fall on full and new moons. There are generally one of each in a month. These particular days affect all earthly beings like they affect the earths bodies of water. Just like the Earth we are 70% water. The Moon exerts a gravitational pull on our planet causing the tides to change, this same gravitational pull affects the water in our bodies. This causes fluctuation and shifts in balance.

The full moon represents full breath, this is when Prana is strongest. Energy and emotions are rising, this is when we are most determined.

The new moon represents the end of an exhale, contracting, resting and calm. This is where we find grounding.

Moon days are a chance to practice abstinence. This may include resting, fasting, and if possible taking the day off. In the most basic terms avoid over indulgence and exertion.

Our western society does not allow much room for self-care. Moon days on any level of practice are an opportunity to check in with yourself and reset. Make sure you are still on the path to your goals and not over exhausting your resources. Every kindness you give yourself counts. The first step in Ahimsa is to cause no harm to yourself.

Please join us on our facebook pages to share your self-care regimes and experiences. Jai Bhagwan (Victory to the Carriers of the Light)


Jaap is the recitation of a Mantra. This can be a poem, prayer, song or your specific goal or belief. There are many traditional Mantras from all over the world with varying complexity. Your Mantra can be as simple as one or two words that are personal to you. Something like “love, light”. Vocalization or even thinking the words helps you to focus on your meditation. Here is a simple non-denominational Mantra that benefits everyone.

May all  beings everywhere
be happy and free and may the
thoughts, words, and actions of my
own life contribute in some way to
that happiness and to that freedom
for all.”


Inclement weather schedule changes.

Yoga classes will follow Waynesboro Area Public School District cancellations and delays. For any delays all morning classes will be cancelled. For any early dismissals all evening classes will be cancelled. For private sessions or massage contact your provider directly. The website and facebook will be updated as decisions are made. Please check either if you are unsure. @heatherrosemassage; @AshtangaYogaWaynesboro.




Relaxation and Therapeutic Massage

60 minute massage $65

90 minute massage $90

Massage Gift Certificates now available!

Massage/Hatha/Vinyasa Package – 60 minute massage & 5 class pass $90 (Available as a gift certificate as well)

Kripalu Hatha and Vinyasa

Pre-registration $15

Hatha and Vinyasa Packages 

5 class pass  $45 /  good for 3 months from time of purchase

10 class pass $85/ good for 6 months from time of purchase.


Unlimited Hatha/Vinyasa $75/mo

Unlimited Hatha/Vinyasa and 1-60 minute massage $120/mo

Unlimited Hatha/Vinyasa and 2-60 minute massages $170/mo

Unlimited Hatha/Vinyasa and 4-60 minute massages $250/mo

Drop in $15
10 pass class $125/good for six months from time of purchase
Unlimited Ashtanga $100/mo
Ashtanga/Massage Package – 60 minute massage & 10 class pass $150
Unlimited Ashtsnga and 1-60 minute massage $125/mo
(Available as a gift certificate as well)

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Children  always welcomed.

Saturday’s 10:00 a.m. children between the ages of 4 and 14 are half price ($5) when accompanied by a paying adult.


Kripalu Yoga

Kripalu means compassion. Through physical awareness, connecting breath & body, self study & moving meditation we learn true compassion for ourselves. With the practice of Kripalu Yoga we can then share this compassion with others.

Ashtanga, The Ashtanga system is designed to purify the body, promote proper functioning of the digestive system, build strength, and restore range of motion to the body. The method of practice taught in Ashtanga Yoga relies on linking postures with deep, even breathing and steady gazing with the eyes. The system of linking the breath with movement is known as vinyasa and encourages the blood to circulate properly allowing the removal of unwanted toxins. The gazing point helps to facilitate a state of meditation, having a profound effect on the steadiness of the mind.
(Taken from http://www.ashtangayogacolumbus.com/ashtangayoga)

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